LINC is a Decentralized Data Exchange Platform.
   LINC provides a secure channel for digital data transmission without a possibility of interception, intervention or any other type of influence by the third parties.
We believe in the importance of privacy, so it is our mission to provide you privacy and usability with a fully secured and well-designed quality product.
Because privacy matters.
LINC project is designed to provide a safe and secure data exchange product. LINC platform provides privacy, anonymity, guarantees the integrity and authenticity of the transmitted information. LINC offers possibility to exchange an information in many ways, such as text messages, voice, video. LINC network is designed in such a way that intervention in the process of data transmission by a third party, as well as data interception and traffic sniffing is impossible.
LINC Features
Things that make our product uniquely powerful
The platform gives the opportunity to keep your privacy at any level. Unencrypted data is available only to the sender and the recipient. No no open data is transferring through the network. In addition, each member of the network can remain anonymous and use the network without revealing his real identity.
The transmitted data is completely protected from interception and substitution. To ensure protection, the public key asymmetrical cryptography is used for encryption. Thus, only the specified recipient is guaranteed to be able to view the transferred data.
No centralized data processing. Data transfer is running in p2p mode through a distributed network of nodes having the same rights with no central control unit. Thus, any possibility of unwanted data manipulation as well as the probability of data leakage is excluded.
Road Map
Q2 2018
Q2 2018
LINC Blockchain release
Desktop wallets
List on exchanges
Q3 2018
Q3 2018
Expanding LINC
LINC Platform Alpha
Mobile wallet
Whitepaper update
Q4 2018
Q4 2018
P2P data sharing
Decentralized Governance
Q1-Q2 2019
Q1-Q2 2019
LINC Products
Email Client
File Exchange
Chat Messenger
VoIP client
Q3-Q4 2019
Q3-Q4 2019
LINC Platform
LINC DataMarket
LINC Services
BigData solutions integration

Technical details
Block 2-3600 - PoW
Block 3601-907200 - PoW / Masternodes
Block 907201-max - full PoSe
Total Supply
Difficulty adjustement algo
DGW (every block)
Initial Reward
Initial Reward allocation
70% / 25% / 5%
PoW / Masternodes* / dev fund**
* starting from 3600 block
** starting from 21600 block
Reward alteration
every 64800 block
- total reward will be decreased by 5%
- Masternodes reward will be increased by 5% from total reward
- PoW reward will be decreased by 5% from total reward
After reaching ~2.100.000 block reward will be fixed to 5 LINC
Budget system allocation may be implemented in the future
Masternode collateral
Market Exchanges
Buy & sell & trade LINC
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